The Beerists 156 – Deep Into The Abyss

episode0156-lineup The_Beerists_156_-_Deep_Into_The_Abyss.mp3

Caroline Wallace of joins us as we delve into a 5 year vertical of The Abyss.

Deschutes The Abyss 2010
Deschutes The Abyss 2011
Deschutes The Abyss 2012
Deschutes The Abyss 2013
Deschutes The Abyss 2014


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The Beerists are: John Rubio, Anastacia Kelly, Mike Lambert, and Caroline Wallace.
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The Beerists 153 – More Virginia

episode0153-lineup The_Beerists_153_-_More_Virginia.mp3

Carlos Arellano from sits in to help us sample 5 beers sent to us by listener Michael Jacobs from the great state of Virginia. Grant makes a couple of jokes, Rubio cares, and the Mike scale for life is established.

Apocalypse Golden Censer
Apocalypse Red Hopocalypse
Center of The Universe El Duderino
Blue Mountain Dark Hollow 2014 Concealed Darkness
Champion Megalodon

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The Beerists 152 – Collaborations

episode0152-lineup The_Beerists_152_-_Collaborations.mp3

We bring together 5 collaboration beers, including 2 new ones by Jester King, Prairie, and Evil Twin- and we were lucky enough to interview them about their projects.

Boulevard/Ommegang Collaboration No 4 Saison
Epic/Crooked Stave Elder Brett
Deschutes/Diestelhauser Doppel Dinkel Bock
Jester King/Prairie Natural Union
Jester King/Evil Twin World’s Worst Twin

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