The Beerists 167 – Stoned

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Stone has been busy releasing tons of new beers lately, so we decided to tackle 5 of them. We laugh, cry the best cry, and Rubio spits bloody nuclear wrath at spiced beers.

Pale Ale 2.0
Delicious IPA
Ruination 2.0
Bourbon Barrel Arrogant Bastard
Chai-Spiced IRS

Correction: In this episode, we make references to a “Stone IPA 2.0.” We’re 100% wrong about the existence of this beer. Not sure how I got it in my mind that there was a 2.0 version of the IPA, but there isn’t. Thanks to listener Sean Ryan for correcting me.  -Rubio

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The Beerists 163 – Four Quarters

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We’d never heard of Vermont’s Four Quarters Brewing before listener Scott Adams sent 6 of their beers to us. We also never thought Bill would be back on the show. Or that Mike would bring his mom to the studio.

Opus Ferum
Opus Dei
Fleur De Lis
The Darkest Heart (Maple Bourbon)
The Darkest Heart (Maple Liqueur)


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