The Beerists 145 – The Good Cellar

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Aging beer is a crapshot. In this episode, Anastacia presents 5 beers from her collection that we assumed would have benefited from a few years of aging. But did they all live up to our expectations, or were we wrong?

2011 Goose Island Lolita
2011 New Holland Dragon’s Milk
2011 Goose Island King Henry
Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break
Deschutes/Hair of the Dog Conflux Collage #1

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The Beerists 137 – GABF 2014

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We’re back from the Great American Beer Festival with stories, opinions, horrors, laughs, and a few great interviews! Strap in, this is a biggun. Huge thanks to our listeners for making it happen!

Interviews with:
Three Floyds Head Brewer Chris Boggess
Odell Brewer Kevin Bosley
New Belgium Brewmaster Peter Bouckaert
TRVE Woodmaster General Zack Coleman


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