IPAs have seen many changes through the years. Recently, adding additional ingredients to the style has been all the rage, spawning hundreds of fruited, spiced, & otherwise pimped-out variants. We try 5 this episode, and explore important life questions.

Samuel Adams Rebel Juiced IPA
Austin Beerworks Bloodwork Orange
Oskar Blues Hotbox Coffee IPA
Alaskan Brewing Co Smack of Grapefruit IPA
Stone Jindia Pale Ale

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The Beerists Mini 166 – Too Drunk For Transient
Sometimes I get asked why I don’t like making shows where everyone’s already drunk. Hopefully, this episode, in which the 4 of us attempt to evaluate 4 Transient beers, answers that for you. Thanks to listener Patrick Grimshaw for the beer!

Flightless American Pale Ale
Resonate American IPA
Crunchy Groove American Pale Ale with Oats
The Juice is Loose Double IPA

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The Beerists are: John Rubio, Grant Davis, Anastacia Kelly, and Mike Lambert.

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