Ryan Mesch is back with 4 goodies from his trip to Ohio, and we sample those along with 2 others in this long, strange episode recorded right before his elopement. Goodnight, sweet prince.

White Birch Berliner Weiss
Stillwater Lower Dens
Pike Tandem
Pretty Things Jack D’Or
Prairie Funky Galaxy
Three Floyds Alpha King

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1. Stillwater Lower Dens
2. Three Floyds Alpha King
3. Pretty Things Jack D’Or
4. White Birch Berliner Weiss
5. Pike Tandem
6. Prairie Funky Galaxy

1. Three Floyds Alpha King
2. Stillwater Lower Dens
3. White Birch Berliner Weiss
4. Prairie Funky Galaxy
5. Pretty Things Jack D’Or
6. Pike Tandem

1. Three Floyds Alpha King
2. Pretty Things Jack D’Or
3. Stillwater Lower Dens
TIE for 6. Prairie Funky Galaxy, Pike Tandem, White Birch Berliner Weiss

1. Three Floyds Alpha King
2. Stillwater Lower Dens
3. Prairie Funky Galaxy
4. Pretty Things Jack D’Or
5. White Birch Berliner Weiss
6. Pike Tandem



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The Beerists are: John Rubio, Grant Davis, Anastacia Kelly, and Ryan Mesch.