Twelve bottles of Mexican craft beer landed in Grant’s lap, and we lightning round through each one of them! Oh, did I say Grant? I meant Gary. Because he’s Gary now. This episode is dedicated to our friend Zack Pilgrim. RIP, buddy.

  • Cru Cru American Lager
  • Cru Cru Pale Ale
  • Cru Cru Gose Chapulin
  • Puro Veneno Rey Cobra
  • Puro Veneno Blanca
  • Insurgente Juan Cordero
  • Insurgente Rompeolas
  • Insurgente La Lupulosa
  • Rámuri Odin
  • Calavera Corazon Negro
  • Imperial Potion: Butter Beer
  • Santa Sabina Stout de Olla

The Beerists are: John Rubio, Anastacia Kelly, Gary Davis, and Mike Lambert.

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