30 Apr, 2015

The Beerists 165 – Yards

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Anastacia’s back just in time to try 5 beers that listener Emily Fleck sent us from Yards in Philly. Mike has a birthday, Grant fucks music up, and Rubio ruins names.

Philadelphia Pale Ale
Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale
Chocolate Love Stout


23 Apr, 2015

The Beerists 164 – Cross Country

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3 of us try beers from California, Vermont, and Ohio- some were celebrated, some torn asunder. Shit got personal, and Grant and Mike are probably getting married.

The Alchemist Petit Mutant
The Alchemist Focal Banger
The Alchemist Luscious
Stone/Black Raven Unabridged
Columbus Bodhi
Green Flash Silva Stout


16 Apr, 2015

The Beerists 163 – Four Quarters

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We’d never heard of Vermont’s Four Quarters Brewing before listener Scott Adams sent 6 of their beers to us. We also never thought Bill would be back on the show. Or that Mike would bring his mom to the studio.

Opus Ferum
Opus Dei
Fleur De Lis
The Darkest Heart (Maple Bourbon)
The Darkest Heart (Maple Liqueur)


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2 Apr, 2015

The Beerists 161 – Northwesterner

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Shan, a listener from the Pacific Northwest, sent us some beers to sample- which spurred conversations about beer mules, style guidelines and vegan strip clubs.

Rogue Beard Beer
Iron Horse Quilter’s Irish Death
Scuttlebutt Tripel 7
Granville Island Lions Winter Ale
American Breakaway IPA


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