23 Jul, 2015

The Beerists 177 – Louisiana

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When listener Charles Hall visited Austin recently, he came with a box full of Louisiana beers for us. Grant is a jerk, Mike is defective, Anastacia is angry, and Rubio loves you individually.

Great Raft Southern Drawl
Great Raft Reasonably Corrupt
Bayou Teche Bayou Peche IPA
NOLA Mecha
NOLA Lowerline


16 Jul, 2015

The Beerists 176 – Five Cans

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3 Beerists, 5 cans of beer. Mike has a crisis, Rubio is still Mexican, and Grant may or may not have a problem with that. Thanks to Sean Grogan and Chris Butler for providing beer for the show.

Avery Lilikoi Kepolo
Fremont Summer Ale
Fremont Interurban IPA
Ozark American Pale Ale
Ozark BCDS 2015


2 Jul, 2015

The Beerists 174 – Chicago 2015

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Ah, Chicago. We plucked 5 beers from your delicious insides for this show, and don’t regret Grant not being there one bit. And boy, does this one go off the rails.

Off Color Fierce
Pipeworks Mosaic Saison
Une Annnee Xellensis
Middle Brow The Milk Eyed Mender
Marz Community Duchess De Bridgeport



Rubio, Anastacia, and Mike at New Glarus


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