The Beerists 7th Anniversary Celebration

Updated May 7, 2019
Join us May 24-26, 2019 in Austin, TX to celebrate our 7th Anniversary!

Quick items:
1. Join our 7th Anniversary Facebook Group to organize with other visiting listeners
2. Want to find other things to eat and drink while in Austin? See our FAQ!
3. Here’s a Map of our scheduled stops. You’ll need your own transportation/rideshare.
4. Try and stay close to downtown. Lots of great stuff to do there.

Plans so far:
Friday, May 24
Jester King | 5PM – Close
We’re visiting Jester King to see what all the fuss is about! Arriving at 5PM gives us 3 solid hours of daylight to enjoy the grandeur that is Jester King Brewery! Note: We WILL NOT be having a bottle share at Jester King- The bottle share will be on Sunday.

Saturday, May 25
The ABGB | 12PM – 2:00 PM
3-time winners (in a row!) of GABF’s Large Brewpub of the year! Try their many gold medal award winning Lagers! HELL YES!

Pinthouse Pizza South Lamar | 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Sample PHP’s amazing lineup of beers, including their supremely drinkable hazy IPAs!

Live Oak | 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Live Oak has been a staple of the Austin beer landscape since 1997, and continue to dazzle with their world-class German and Czech style beers.

Sunday, May 26
Beer Share @ The Draught House | 2PM
Mike has been hosting a beer share for over a decade on the first Sunday of every month at Draught House in Austin. We’re moving it up a week to cap off our Anniversary weekend! Rules:
1. Buy at least one beer from the house.
2. Tip the staff well. Very well.
3. Bring your own glassware.
4. Bring some beer to share. If you don’t have any beer, bring food. Or both.

• Food and beer will be available for purchase at all Friday and Saturday stops.