If you’re a listener or brewery who would like to send us beer to review, please email us at info@thebeerists.com so we can figure out the best time for us to schedule a shipment, and for the address you can ship to.

Why do I need to schedule?
We produce one episode a week (with 4 beers per episode), and we don’t want your beer to sit around waiting for an opening for the show. It’s important to us that what we taste is as close to the brewer’s intent, and that usually means the sample should be fresh.

Here’s what we look for in a good sample:

  1. The fresher the better. Please don’t buy any beer until we’ve agreed on a good date to ship. Also, please check date codes to ensure we’re well within the “best by” date, or within 90 days of packaging. If you’re not sure about how fresh a beer is, please pick something else.
  2. Please plan on sending 2 of every beer that is 16oz and under. Anything above 16oz, one will be fine.
  3. If you send us more than 4 different beers, we can’t guarantee they’ll all be on the show (but they might be featured on a Patreon Mini episode!). If you send fewer, we’ll have to put something in to fill time that might not fit the theme you’re going for. If you don’t care, that’s cool too. Just be sure to let us know which 4 you want us to review on the main show.

How to ship:

  1. FedEx Ground is our preferred shipping method. Send me a tracking number when it has shipped. Please do not use USPS.
  2. Wine (bottle) shippers are great! Wine shops with shipping departments and U-Haul are where we get ours.
  3. If you’re packing your own box, use lots of bubble wrap (at least 2 layers on each bottle, less for cans) and pack it so that nothing touches the walls of the box, or each other. Also, you’ll want it packed tightly, so nothing can move around in transit. The best packed boxes can survive a tumble down a flight of stairs (don’t test that- ha!).

Note: If you send us beer we end up not liking, don’t worry- we won’t hold it against you. It’s not your job to please us. The mere action of sending us beer is great, and makes for good content either way. If we didn’t have beer, we wouldn’t have a show.

One more thing: If you send us beer, there is no guarantee it will be featured on the main show. We haven’t had to completely omit anything from the show yet, and will absolutely try our best to feature every beer you send, but we can’t guarantee it. We hope you understand our time constraints.