episode0112-lineupOur 2nd Anniversary Cake, by Kayla Kromer

It’s our MONSTER TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW! Lots of familiar voices in this one, all here to share special beers and celebrate our last 2 years. NEW THEME SONG provided by Adrian Quesada of Brownout and Spanish Gold.

Russian River Beatification
Jackie O’s Dark Apparition
Cantillon Cuvée Saint-Gilloise
Alaskan Perseverance
Freetail Woodicus
Cascade Vlad the Imp Aler
Argus Cidery Tepache
Pisgah Valdez
Russian River Damnation Batch 23
Jester King RU-55
Lost Abbey Agave Maria
Goose Islandy Bourbon County Backyard Rye
Lincoln Henderson’s Angel’s Envy Bourbon
Roxo Crush and Roll Magnus Port


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Theme song provided by Adrian Quesada of Brownout and Spanish Gold.

The Beerists are: John Rubio, Anastacia Kelly, Grant Davis, Mike Lambert, Ryan Mesch, John Harvey, Habeab Kurdi, Bryan Meola, and Bill Brink.

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