Rubio and Anastaca, the Samuel Adams Winter Classics box, some chocolates TCHO picked to pair with them, and gluttony. And chocolate. Fuck yeah, chocolate.

The Sam Adams branded TCHO gift box isn’t on their site anymore, but this one has the same assortment of chocolates included in it.

Boston Lager + PureNotes™ Dark “Chocolatey”
Winter Lager + PureNotes™ Dark “Citrus”
White Christmas + PureNotes™ Dark “Fruity”
Holiday Porter + PureNotes™ Dark “Nutty”
Old Fezziwig + SeriousMilk™ “Classic”
Chocolate Bock + SeriousMilk™ “Cacao”


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The Beerists are: John Rubio and Anastacia Kelly.


Theme music provided by Defalated Ballon.