We’re going to record our 1-year anniversary show on April 19th. For that show, we’ll be drinking some interesting (horrible) stuff, and reviewing it.

And you’ll get to vote on what we have to drink.

Here are the choices:

  1. Malt Liquor Show #2
  2. Crap we drank in our teen years (Boons Farm, Mad Dog, etc)
  3. Malt beverage Show (Wine Coolers, CHELADA, 4-Loko, etc)
  4. Mexican Import Show

Here’s how to vote:

  1. Click the link below and make a donation.
  2. Click “Add special instructions to the seller” when you’re making your donation and let us know which of the four show types you want us to do.

The show idea that gets the most money donated to it will be the show we record on April 19th. All money will be put towards getting The Beerists to the Great American Beer Festival in October.

If you’re skeptical at the value of such a show, see our Malt Liquor episode.

Deadline is April 18th. Do your worst.

One more thing. Each person who has ever donated to the show will be eligible for a delicious delicious prize, to be named later.