Texas brewers make so many great lagers, it was hard to pick 5 for this episode. So we left it up to Mike. We also announce the first details of our 5th ANNIVERSARY PARTY! Make your travel plans now! That, plus we talk about last week’s FACEBOOK LIVE stream, and the gallant return of Tweet of the Week!

Oasis Luchesa Lager
Karbach Sympathy For The Lager
Hops and Grain The One They Call Zoe
Live Oak Pilz
Real Ale Hans’ Pils

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The Beerists Mini 168 – Two From Pinthouse Pizza
Pinthouse Pizza on S Lamar in Austin is making some of the best hoppy beer in town, and the whole gang is here to sample 2 crowlers from there on this mini: Tap TX 4.0, and WTF is Juice? It’s 20 minutes of glory.

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The Beerists are: John Rubio, Grant Davis, Anastacia Kelly, and Mike Lambert.

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